Prince Albert Skills School
The Prince Albert Skills School serves the most marginalized young people in our Prince Albert community and has done so for two years. The school offers life and employment skills development for a group of 15 teenage boys who have fallen out of the schooling system for a range of reasons, often because of lack of parental support, or because of emotional and mental difficulties.
Prince Albert Animal Welfare / Prins Albert Dieresorg (PADS)
Prince Albert Animal Welfare / Prins Albert Dieresorg (PADS) is a non-profit organisation serving the community of Prince Albert. The organisation consist mainly of volunteers. PADS volunteers are not veterinarians and can only offer minor clinical assistance. The volunteers have all completed an AWA (Animal Welfare Assistant) training course which equips them with basic primary health care knowledge.
Wolwekraal Nature Reserve
Wolwekraal Conservation and Research Organization (NPO 121079) manages Wolwekraal Nature Reserve. This 120 ha protected area on the R353 5 km North of Prince Albert focuses on (1) protection of plants, animals and their habitats, (2) environmental education and experiential training for school learners and university students and (3) research on many aspects of our environment including land-use history, human impacts on landscapes and species, animal use of habitats, plant distribution, rehabilitation of damaged veld and how natural areas affect people.
Karoo Handgemaak
Started by three women who got together to start a project by crafting stuffed animals to handmade bags. They were hoping that they could start something through which women in the little village of Prince Albert could generate an income.


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